Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Frequently used CA7 Commands

To Define Jobs in CA7:
Each Job in CA7 must first be defined in its database; the easiest way to do this is through the command 'JOB'. Just type the command JOB or 'DB' in the CA7 Scheduler and it will show the list of available options we have to add the jobs.

Lets have look into some of the day-to-day commands which we use frequently to check the job schedules and other details.

1. LJOB,JOB=jobname,LIST=ALL
It will show you all the details of the job once you press enter.

We can use the below values with the LIST parameter
 LIST=NODD.  It will show the TRIGGERED BY JOS and SUCCESSOR jobs
 LIST=RQMT   to get the Requirement and Network connections
 LIST=SCHD    to know many sch id are assigned to a particular job using the below command
 LIST=TRIG     to know only the triggering jobs

2. Get the list of jobs in tree structure. Use the command

3. Get the tree structure of the downstream job. Use the command

4.  Get the JCL in the pannel using the below command

5.List the active jobs using the command

6. Want to see the member names in any PDS. Use the below command

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