Monday, July 22, 2013


The following represents DB2 catalogue tables and their descriptions.

SYSIBM.IPNAMES  :Defines the DRDA servers DB2 can access using TCP/IP
SYSIBM.LOCATIONS: Contains row for every accessible remote server.
SYSIBM.LULIST: Contains multiple logical unit names to be specified for a given location.
SYSIBM.LUMODES: This table is accessed only during initial conversation-limit negotiation between DB2 and remote LU.
SYSIBM.LUNAMES: Contains rows for each SNA client or server that communicates wit DB2.
SYSIBM.MODESELECT: Associates a MODE name with any conversation created to support and outgoing SQL request.
SYSIBM.SYSAUXRELS: Contains 1 row for each auxiliary table created for a LOB column
SYSIBM.SYSCHECKDEP: Contains 1 row for each reference to a column in a table check constraint.
SYSIBM.SYSCHECKS: Contains 1 row for each table-check constraint.
SYSIBM.SYSCOLAUTH: Records the UPDATE or PRIVILEGE preference that are held by users in individual columns of a table or view
SYSIBM.SYSCOLDIST: Contains 1 or more rows or the first key column of an index key.
SYSIBM.SYSCOLUMNS: Contain 1 row for every column of each table or view
SYSIBM.SYSCOPY: Contains the information needed for Recovery
SYSIBM.SYSDATABASE: Contains 1 row for each database
SYSIBM.SYSDBAUTH : Contains privileges held by users over databases.
SYSIBM.SYSDBRM: Contains one row for DBRM of each application plan


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